Delaware River Waterfront: Past Present Future-

Pier 68 and Pennsport, Philadelphia, PA

AKA "The Pennsport Diaries"

ARCH 3070: Site Analysis as Design- Temple University

Professor Gabriel Kaprielian

"Building off of the coursework, fieldwork, lectures, readings, and classroom discussion, you will develop your Final Project with the goal of structuring place-based knowledge, reconnecting Philadelphia to the Delaware Riverfront. Consider the relationship of the waterfront, I-95, and residential/commercial urban fabric within your site and citywide. How has the edge condition and use of the waterfront changed over time? What stories emerge through the lens of historical ecology, urban morphology, current use or misuse, haecceity, sense of place, and future sea-level rise? As site meaning is multivalent in nature, your project will draw from your own personal experience and design approach, as much as from a theoretical framework and site analysis developed in the first half of the semester. You may focus on a specific space and/or place or multiple/networked spaces and/or places, but the proposal must contain at least one location along the waterfront. Your final project may take many forms, a site-specific installation, monument, narrative mapping, typological catalog, speculative architecture, urban design, etc. However, all projects should focus on visual storytelling through methods of representation for the Final Review Exhibition."