In this section, you can read about my internship experiences I've done in the past, and projects I've done with different organizations, including with the Wissahickon Valley Historical Society.

March 2, 2019

Background on Historic Designation

Wissahickon Valley Historical Society Newsletter


During my senior year at Temple, I was introduced to CRGIS from the PA Historical and Museum Commission by my professor Ben Leech. I had the opportunity to take a look at my own community in Montgomery County, PA. And the results were surprising.


June​ 19, 2019

Artifacts in the Attic

Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office Blog


Ben Leech, former Temple University professor, discussed my work I've done during my internship at the Peter Wentz Farmstead in the fall 2018. 


May 27, 2020

Vietnamese History in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office Blog


It was a project I began working on 2 weeks before my internship ended with the PA SHPO office in Hope Lodge. I was given the opportunity to explore more into my culture heritage by learning about the history of the Vietnamese people living in PA. Someday, when the next intern comes in, hopefully he/she would continue this on. 


December 22, 2020

Meet Yen, Biomedical Library Intern, and Introducing the Benjamin Rush Portal

Penn's Biomedical Library's Biomeditations Blog


A brief information about myself, and my work on the Benjamin Rush Portal I have done with the University of Pennsylvania's Biomedical Library, in collaboration with best-selling author and professor Stephen Fried. ​

September 17, 2021

Amateur Historian Extraordinaire: Yen Ho

Wissahickon Valley Historical Society Newsletter


A piece written by Peggy Johnston, curator at WVHS and a good friend of mine. This article is about how I got into the subject of history, and what my favorite parts were in doing my blog.