William Jarrett Hallowell Hough, Architect

This post is dedicated to the people I met and became friends with at Temple University's architecture program.

William J.H. Hough (1888-1969)

William J.H. Hough (1888-1969) was born on June 30th, and one of the sons of Drs. Charles B. and Mary Paul Hallowell Hough.

William attended the University of Pennsylvania and earned both his Bachelor's (1911) and Master's (1913) in architecture.

Fun Fact #1: He studied under French-born, Philadelphia architect Paul Philippe Cret.

Besides studying architecture, he was part of different Greek societies and sports like track, basketball, and football.

In 1911, William won the Stewardson Traveling Scholarship for his design on the Maritime Station. In 1914, he won the Rome Prize for his design of the "Monument to a Deceased Ruler," which allowed him to study at the American Academy in Rome. He studied there from 1914-1917.

William Hough (second person from left side) with John F. Harbeson, Roy Larson, and William H. Livingston

After studying abroad in Rome, William returned to Philadelphia, and began to work professionally with different architecture firms. He worked with his architecture professor Paul Cret, and later became his partner in 1923. When Cret died in 1945, he and other partners with Cret continued Cret's wishes, and together with John F. Harbeson, Roy Larson, and William H. Livingston, their firm was named, "Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson" (later called H2L2).

List of William's architecture firms:

Fun Fact #2: One of the most major projects William had worked on in partnership with Cret was the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.


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