The Most Modern House in Lower Gwynedd?

Whenever driving along Dekalb Pike on the way to Montgomeryville, I always caught my caught on a particular house that's located not too far from the William Penn Inn. I wasn't sure if I was correct, but it seems that there's a house that looked modern. Or postmodern to some people. This was the first time I saw a house like that in the area.

Obviously the property use to be something else before it was developed. In that triangular section of the township is where the house is currently located. But back then, there was another house located on the very same spot. It was called the "Llanfair Farm" owned by Charles C. Coolbaugh. It's unknown how long that property stood, but it's certain it didn't last long. That area was empty before the 20th century.

Atlas of the North Penn Section of Montgomery County, Pa., 1916, Plate 29; A. H. Mueller, Publisher

The area was wiped out to built this house. Right away, I see a flat roof, 2 stories, and a HUGE window stretching the whole 2 stories with patio lighting stretching out. It seems to me that this house is a contemporary-style house. Who knows when this house was built, but we know that this style house is mostly popular between 1945-1990. My guess is that this house is built either in the 1960s, or in the 1970s. The real estate websites say it was built in 1971, but I won't conclude that since I don't trust their websites. But... it sounds right.

Interesting how it's located right along a busy road. I guess the real question is, "Why was it built on that particular area?"

And also, "Who was the architect behind this beautiful home?"

I couldn't imagine trying to get out of the driveway and trying to turn left. That's everyone's nightmare. But again... it's a stunning house! Who couldn't resist? I couldn't!

I couldn't resist the huge window!!!
Google Satellite View: 808 Dekalb Pike, Lower Gwynedd Township, PA 19002
Google Birdseye View: Looking West


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