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"The Hotel Wyndham, built in 1893 for the sum of $35,000, as a Queen Anne Victorian that once boasted 45 rooms, including 28 bedrooms. Before the advent of the automobile, the hotel's extensive stables in the rear, capable of accommodating 40 horses, made at the Wyndham an attractive stopping point for travelers."

- Frank Quattrone, 83

In the early 1920s, a fire broke out at the hotel's vaulted stables.

Clipping ad from Ambler Gazette (May 2, 1912): Page 2
Atlas of the North Penn Section of Montgomery County, Pa., 1916, Plate 26; A. H. Mueller, Publisher
Google Satellite Plan View: 34 E Butler Ave, Ambler, PA 19002
Google Satellite Birdseye View: Looking South
Ambler Postcard of Hotel Wyndham, 1913
Then Hotel Wyndham, now Gypsy Blu; Hasn't changed at all!
Done by Photoshop
Clipping from Ambler Gazette (February 13, 1919): Page 1 (1)
Clipping from Ambler Gazette (February 13, 1919): Page 1 (2)
Clipping from Ambler Gazette (January 11, 1934): Page 6


When I first heard about this place being haunted, I honestly didn't believe it.

The building changed over time and turned into a restaurant, and I'm sure that some of the old features from the former hotel were gone. With that, I would say that this place is not haunted.

But according to the ghost hunter and the woman in this video, they made it sound like this place is haunted. I've seen people on YouTube used soundbox to communicate to the spirits. Most of the time I don't believe what the soundbox say. In the video below, it is surprising to hear the soundbox said the ghost hunter's name and the name of the former hotel.

What do you think? Are there ghosts present at Gypsy Blu restaurant?



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