Frederick A. Rex, Esq.

Updated: May 22, 2020

Frederick A. Rex, Esq. (1850-1916) was the youngest son of John and Sarah Rex. He wasn't involved with taking over the family farm because he was just a baby when the family moved to Norristown.

He was also the uncle to two politicians: John and John H. Rex.

The Peerless Coffee owned by Frederick A. Rex

Frederick was considered one of the brightest and keenest lawyers of Camden. At 13, he attended Central High School of Philadelphia, and graduated at 17. He spent 5/6 years in the position of clerk in the National State Bank of Camden, then created his own business (general store) in the same city.

During his free time, he studied law, and somehow became qualified. He was admitted to the bar in 1888, resulting in selling out his store to open up an office at 25 Market Street. He was then admitted as a counselor in the June term of 1891.

He was an attorney in many cases, but this was one of his most famous ones:

  • He was associated with the council for the PA Railroad in the land condemnation proceedings arising from the construction of the Delaware River Bridge (now called the Ben Franklin Bridge)

He developed the skill of being quick, so he had that advantage, as being an experienced bank clerk and merchant, over his fellow colleagues.

In politics, he was a member of the Republican Club of Camden, city council for 9 years comptroller for 3 years, and clerk of the district court

He was a treasurer of the board of education, which he filled in for 10 years.

In his personal life, he married Louisa Fewsmith in 1877, and had 2 children: William F. and Elizabeth R.

He died on January 17, 1916.

Frederick's House (Right) in Camden; View Southeast, North (Front) and West Elevations
Frederick's House (left) in Camden; View East, West (Side) Elevation

Above photos: He lived on 726 Cooper Street in Camden in the 1880s until moving to another place.


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