Samuel Clinton Seiple, MD

My discoveries come from looking at historical maps, and finding their names in the Find a Grave website.

That was how I found Dr. Samuel Clinton Seiple.

Dr. Samuel Clinton Seiple (1842-1924)

Dr. Samuel Clinton Seiple (1842-1924) was born on April 10 in New Britain Township, Bucks County, PA. He was the son of Enos and Louisa (Cressman) Seiple. He was a selfmate man. When he was 15, his parents died, and he had to depend on himself.

He was educated at public schools in New Britain Township, and took a course in the "normal and classical" school of Reverend A.R. Horne in Quakertown. He taught for 5 years until he attend the University of Pennsylvania's medical school in 1865, and graduated 2 years later with honors.

He was $1,000 in debt, and had his profession to depend on.

He immediately began his career in 1867 and moved to the Centre Square section of Whitpain Township. He had the reputation

Clipping from the Ambler Gazette: September 22, 1898 (Pg 8)

of a "safe, careful, practical and thoroughly alert" medical man. He was practicing for 40 years living in the township.

He enjoyed being with his patrons. Not only was he a physician, but he was also a counselor in matters of business, and a progressive member of the community.

In the same year when Seiple moved to Centre Square, he married Mary Ann Haenge. Together, they had 5 children:

  • Dr. John Howard (1868-1942)- graduated at UPenn in 1891. He resided in places like Conshohocken and Pleasantville until in 1894, he formed a partnership with his father in Centre Square, and became successful there

  • Mary Algemine (1871-1953)

  • Lillie Mondena (1872-1893)

  • Blanche (1875-1875)

  • Majorie A. (1881-1955)

In 1863, he enlisted for 3 months in the Union Army during the Civil War in the 138th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. He was 21 years old.

Atlas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 1871, Page 031; G.M. Hopkins & Company, Publisher

His practice was demolished, maybe some time after the 2nd half of the 20th century due to people moving to the suburbs. That area was completely wiped off recently, and was replaced by the newly developed shopping center, right across from the Waggon Inn.


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