Broad Axe Tavern- Ambler, PA (Broad Axe)

This 17/18th century tavern is located on the southwest corner of Skippack Pike and West Butler Avenue. I never knew this building is SO old. I thought it was a typical tavern, but it was a special tavern. The tavern, unfortunately, closed down due to bankruptcy this year, and currently awaiting for a new owner to continue the building's existence.

"The tavern was located on an old Indian path where farmers took their grain to one of several mills in the area. Traditionally, many farmers maintained stills for friends, neighbors and passerby. As traffic increased, this hospitality stretched the income of farm families, so some built a small tavern and began to charge for food and a place to stay. The tavern soon became a place for locals to gather and exchange news. During the American Revolution, many taverns were shuttered due to lack of food and thousands of hungry soldiers from both sides roaming the area. General Washington is known to have marched past the Broad Axe Tavern six times with his troops." -

Pennsylvania Historic Resource Survey Form

I find it odd that this style is Gothic Revival since this style was more common in the 19th century, even though this place was established around the 17/18th century

News about its closing:

Ambler's Broad Axe Restaurant To Shut Down

Pennsylvania's oldest licensed tavern is closing its doors

It's like the Old West scene!
The porch was altered into a building section
Back then, the tavern use to have a porch
Google Satellite Map: 901 Butler Pike, Ambler, PA 19002
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