An Ambler Living in Blue Bell?

Mary Ambler (1805-1868)

When looking at the historical maps, I was surprised to see that someone with the last name "Ambler" appeared in the 1871 and 1877 maps. Immediately, I thought he was related to Mary Ambler (pictured on the left), a Quaker woman who saved many lives in the infamous train wreak of 1856, and the town was named after her years after she died.

By drawing a family tree, I was right. Mary Ambler was the cousin in-law of Benjamin Ambler, a farmer and shoemaker who lived in Whitpain for a short time, and the son of Ann Morgan.

Morgan Morgan (1749-1832)

Ann Morgan was the daughter of Morgan Morgan (pictured on the left), a long-time resident of Whitpain who was a great trapper of pigeons and a famous gunsmith. The town "Pigeontown" was named that either because of Morgan, or the large flocks of wild pigeons that frequented that section for many years. Possibly both reasons, but in 1840, "Pigeontown" was renamed to what's today, "Blue Bell." Morgan Morgan was also a Revolutionary War veteran under the leadership of Captain Samuel Hines of the Philadelphia County Militia.

Short story short, Benjamin Ambler was the grandson of Morgan Morgan.

Benjamin was related to two famous locals associated with a town. As for Benjamin himself, his name was printed on the 19th century maps, making his mark.

Ambler Family Tree. You can see how Mary Ambler was related to Benjamin Ambler
Atlas of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, 1871, Page 031; G.M. Hopkins & Company, Publisher

Unfortunately, Benjamin Ambler's residence in Whitpain didn't last long as of 1893 when his property was taken over by various people over the years. The property might still be there based on the pathway to the house. But due to development, it's hard to tell.


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