Imperial City in Hue, Vietnam

ARCH 2142: Architectural History II - Baroque through the 20th Century- Temple University

Professor Stephen Anderson, RA, M M Arch, MS, ABD

We were prompted to conduct research on a building/monument that

was constructed between the Baroque era and the 20th century. I chose

to write about the Imperial City because I like to keep researching about

Vietnamese architecture as well as learning more about my cultural

heritage. Hue, Vietnam was where my father grew up, and I dedicated

my research to him. The Imperial City has more information about its

architecture compared to the Co Loa citadel. Its architecutre has the

combination of Chinese and French influences. The Imperial City was

ruled by the Nguyen Dynasty after a battle against the Tay Son Dynasty

with aid from the French.

To read my essay on the Imperial City of Hue, click on the image!

My family and me in front of the citadel in Hue, Vietnam in 2007. I still question my "bowl-cut".