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INFO 756- Digital Preservation- Drexel University

Professor Heather Willever-Farr, Phd

You have been contacted by the minister of a church, who has heard of your digital preservation capabilities. The minister tells you that the church is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and he wants to begin to showcase the church’s history. He asks you to help him plan the steps needed to create an online presence of church documents related to an orphanage that the church managed for a 100 year period, but which shut down 20 years earlier. He knows that there are records available within the church and among various parishioners personal papers and he would like to begin to collect them and have them digitized, with both the original copies and the digital copies preserved for the long-term. You decide that this is a worthy way to celebrate your community’s history – a community which has traditionally been a low-income, minority neighborhood.

Discuss 5 of the most important activities that must be included in your preservation plan. What do you think will be a large challenge in this project?

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