Who Am I?

Ho_0077 copy.jpg

I am a first-generation Vietnamese American, and the youngest of three in the family. I am a recent graduate at Drexel University, currently holding a Master's degree in Library and Information Science. Prior to Drexel I have a Bachelor's degree in Historic Preservation from Temple University.

While growing up, I've been a curious person, but I've been quiet all my life.I never really get to express myself in a way until I came to high school. My curiosities grew more when I was at Temple University for undergrad. Temple gave me the opportunity to go around Philadelphia and learn something I would never learn about in school. Philadelphia's history really fascinated me, and that made me become interested in local history. And that local history brought me to my own hometown in Ambler, PA, and the Wissahickon Valley Historical Society. 


When people look at me, they would never think I would go into a field relating to history. Can't you blame me? If I want to express my career, I have to show how dedicated I am. This website/blog will help me showcase my work and skills in historic research. 

Fun Facts

  • I am a first-generation American-born Vietnamese

  • My name is actually spelled like this: Yến (spelled the same, but pronounced very differently)

  • My parents came to America after the Vietnam War

  • I grew up in a conservative/traditional household

  • I look up to my older sisters

  • I graduated from Wissahickon High School in 2015

  • I was an average student

  • During my Wissahickon years, I color-code my subjects (red = math, blue = science, green = history, yellow = English)

  • I was crowned Homecoming Queen during my senior year

  • My favorite year at Wissahickon was 7th grade

  • I ran high school track and field for the first 2 years

  • I had poor reading comprehension skills as a Wissahickon student

  • Special Talent: I can name all the US Presidents in CHRONOLOGICAL order

  • I enjoy music

  • I played the violin since I was 9 years old; still playing to this day, but not professionally

  • My favorite science subjects are Astronomy and Chemistry

  • My favorite history subject is American History

  • My favorite cartoon characters are the Peanut Characters

  • As a kid, my favorite historical figures were Amelia Earhart and Ulysses S. Grant

  • I have a strange fasciation with crime documentaries

  • I always wanted to go ghost hunting

  • HomeGoods is my very first job (as on 2020, I've been working there for 4 years)

  • I can juggle

  • Primarily, my favorite color is blue, but I like any color; as long as I look good in it

  • My favorite foods are Sushi, Fish and Chips, BLT, and Eggs Benedict

  • I am considered double-jointed

  • I am a Pisces (in Western Zodiac) and an Ox (in Eastern Zodiac); My primal Zodiac sign is a Moose

  • I love LEGOS! 

  • I love Disney!

  • My favorite Disney Princesses are Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" and Tiana from "Princess and the Frog"

  • My favorite game show is Family Feud

  • I owned a flip phone from 2015-2020

  • I'm never a fan of new technology

  • The only sporting event I ever attended was in 2017 at the Temple Football game vs. Villanova

  • My first Broadway show in New York was Anastasia

  • My favorite music genre is anything Pop

  • My favorite books are the Percy Jackson Series (I had a fascination with Greek Mythologies thanks to this book series)

  • I enjoy black-outs/no electricity (I have an excuse to go "camping")

  • I don't drink coffee

  • I prefer homemade verses store-bought

  • My favorite car is a Blue 2011 Toyota Prius

  • I organize my favorite songs on YouTube by SEASON/MEMORY (it's complicated) 

  • I always wanted to learn karate/martial arts

  • My favorite candies are Airheads and Smarties

  • My favorite ice cream is Drumstick

  • My favorite ice cream flavors are Vanilla and Chocolate; love them as a combination