4 Towns in Vermont's Upper Valley

(Royalton, Sharon, Strafford, and Tunbridge)

ARCH 4141: Global Preservation Practice- Temple University

Professor Marianna Thomas, AIA

I chose the 4 towns in Vermont to take a closer look on each town's

history, and what is currently happening to those 4 towns. During the

summer of 2016, David Hall planned to create a sustainable community

development nearby the birthplace of Mormon church founder Joseph

Smith. Many who were living in Vermont opposed Hall's plan. For those

who opposed his plan stated that he would ruin the character and

landscape of Vermont. Others who supported Hall's plan stated that

Vermont's facing big problems like population and education. 3/4 towns

didn't have zoning bylaws that could prevent Hall from developing their

land. Hall himself explained that he would work around the historic sites,

and create a healthier living.

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