My name is Yen Ho, and welcome to my blog/website! 

This blog/website is dedicated to the Wissahickon Valley Historical Society, where I've been a member since 2017. 

I am currently a graduate student at Drexel University, pursuing a Master’s degree in library and information science. Prior to Drexel, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in historic preservation at Temple Univeristy. To learn about my career path, click the "About" tab on top of the page. And to learn about the projects I've done in college, click the "Projects" tab.

As an amateur historian, I always have a curiosity about my hometown in Ambler (technically I live in Whitpain Township). What sparked my curiosity was the old buildings/homes that are still standing today in the Wissahickon Valley (Ambler, Whitpain, and Lower Gwynedd). I want to know their history, and whether or not they should be recognized. 

I'm basically your adventurer who goes into an unknown place to discover something new :1 


I have a history background, and I have the opportunity to express it through my research in my blog.

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**Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to post about people and places in the past, specially in the Wissahickon Valley area, that played a part in the medical and health science world. 


To view those post, click on the "COVID-19 tab in the "Blog" page**

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